Influencer Dinner Series. 


This past Fall, we produced five events for Weight Watchers in New York, Austin, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.  We enlisted an influencer at each event to invite their foodie friends for an exquisite dining experience with locally renowned Chef.  Upon arrival guests were welcomed by warm, intimate dining atmospheres that were relevant for a perfect Fall harvest inspired meal.  The Chef would come out and welcome guests along with our influencer - it was at this moment that they were then told that this was a Weight Watchers meal. Distracted by the beautiful tablescapes and creme-de-la-creme of local food bloggers, guests were wowed to realize that this perfect meal was indeed healthy and brought to you by Weight Watchers.  The ultimate goal was that thru great food and impeccable design, we were able to squelch previous notions of what Weight Watchers was and introduce what it truly is - healthy good food, simple as that.