SouthXSouthwest's Most Notable House 


For the Mashable House during SXSW, we converted an old automotive glass repair shop on East 5th in Downtown Austin into a interactive wonderland two years in a row.  The project was listed on BizBash as “One of the top 35 things you missed at SXSW” as well as “19 Smart Design Ideas During SXSW.”  Mass Relevance designed a feed that was simultaneously projected amongst three different projectors covering the space of 40 ft.  The front office was gutted and turned into a Snap Chat Gallery where guests interacted with framed iPads connected into a proper gallery wall - complete with mood lighting for the perfect selfie.  Hidden within the event was The Easter Egg, a dim lit speakeasy for a VIP-only guest, with craft cocktails from Contigo.  Both years we were tasked to “break the internet” - this year we recreated Katy Perry’s Lion and guests were able to mount the beast, take a photo and disrupt the interwebs



Mashable House SXSW 20140308_Jesse Knish-114.jpg